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  FileMaker Server 15 Hosting

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Every Plan Includes

  • Free Setup
  • Up to 125 Databases Hosted
  • Nightly Server Snapshot Backups
  • Choice of Server Facility
  • Remote Desktop Server Control
  • Access to FileMaker Server Admin
  • Solid State Drives for Ultimate Performance
  • Experienced FileMaker Server Hosting

Why Would I Choose FileMaker Server Hosting

slinkyBecause you need flexibility. Our FileMaker Pro Database Cloud Hosting Plans are great for general use, but advanced deployments need additional control and fewer limitations to be successful. Being the only customer on the server gives you the freedom to adjust settings, add more services, host more files than you could with shared database hosting. Common reasons to choose a FileMaker Server Hosting Plan include:

  • You have many databases to host and want to reduce your per database hosting fee (usually 20+)
  • You have many external files as a part of your solution and need more storage space
  • You have third party plugins your solution needs that are not installed on our shared servers
  • You need to be the only customer on the server for regulatory or enhanced security reasons
  • You need access to the Windows Server desktop and file system
  • You need access to the FileMaker Server Admin console
  • You need to host other services, such as web, ftp and email
  • You need custom branding, custom SSL Certificate for your own domain in browser, custom login / logout pages

Remember, you are the only customer on the server. You get access to everything!

Relax, We’ve Got You Covered

umbrellaFully Managed FileMaker Server Hosting means FMPHost takes care of everything.  We’ll set your virtual server up, install a licensed copy of FileMaker Server, create nightly backups, automatically monitor your machine and if trouble should strike our emergency support staff will be notified and will respond immediately.